Saturday, March 24, 2007

The end of almost 4 years... The end of a path of discovery, of moulding, or metamorphosis into the being I will remain for the rest of my life. But it does not feel as if this sojourn in this college that I am in, has had much of a profound impact. It is easy to say that one has grown, has suffered, has learnt many things, but how much of that was a case of form following function or the other way around ?

I do not pretend to know the answer. Yet, what I do know, what I do comprehend and percieve in my limited sense of the world, through my naivete in the nature of life, is that perhaps nothing can be taken for granted. Sweat and blood are required materials for almost anything that withstands the test of time and is worth possessing. Be it relationships or be it something more tangible.

Platitudes and axioms regarding practical wisdom are abundant and if you but give someone, nay, anyone the time of day, they will tell you everything from the start of time itself to what their ancestors have passed down to them. It is quite sad is it not? Why not question? Why simply take the word of someone and build upon that? What if the foundation on which you base your premises are faulty in themselves. And even if not flawed, perhaps they have become redundant and anachronistic ?

Lead the march into the jaws of hellions, and Im sure many would follow to smite the evil. Sing praises for the angels and saints and many would flock to remember the departed Embark on but a new thought process, a radically different angle of approach and none shall stir. Man fears change, but why, when it is oh so obvious that change is the only constant in our lives. We grow old, we change with our experiences, we form relationships with people, lose touch and create new ones again. We buy and sell good, assets, in some cases even lives. Struggling to get a larger slice of the pie, letting go of what we have to chase after something we can never be sure of obtaining. Human nature is indeed peculiar and far devoid of logic.

But to return to the original subject, what about four years of college? what about the dreams we had in high school? Have we fulfilled them? Or has the world changed so much since then that we have forged new dreams from the ashes of the old. Have we given up and resigned to a fate determined in the end by a force other than our own hands? Do we still struggle against the chains that threaten to keep us trapped where we started ? Have we become opportunists, or realists or mere pessimists ? Are there any who still retain their precious optimism after being exposed to the harsher realities of existence ? Can we still hope for a better world and a good life? Do we even know what the two are anymore?
Is this a part of growing up or simply an imprint of our environment ?

Alas, it seems that the fundamental difference underlying the life of happiness or the life of meaning eludes us. The former is possible, but only by living in the present and not giving two hoots about the past or the future. The latter is perhaps more satisfying if achieved, but requires learning from the past and obsessing about the future. There isn't any easy path to follow, no tried and tested method which allows us to avail the world as our oyster. Perhaps that is the cardinal lesson from university. There is no easy path to follow anymore...

Friday, October 27, 2006

In light of events in the past few months, and changes that have occured over that time, it is to be noted that as graduation nears, it is more than plainly obvious that a lot of people will find out certain unpleasant truths about the world outside... and sadly enough, in our country, things are more than just a bad taste in the mouth, they can get downright filthy.

But what can one do, if people dont want to listen... nothing except to just stand by and wait, help out once the damage is done. I think I'v used this quote before,
'the common man learns from his own mistakes, but the wise man learns from the mistakes of others' .

but on to more pleasant things. Two parties to go to. One on friday, the other somewhere in december. I haven't been to parties in almost two years, but these I think are a must, since they are firstly, trance parties, so the music is to my liking. Secondly, they are the birth of a trend that seems to be emerging, the invitation of foreign dj's to local shores. Nirvana lounge and buddha bar dj's.... that's the first one, the second will include the opening artists for proper mainstream trance master's like tiesto and paul van dyk. And I, for one, intend to be at the forefront of this wave. The exact same way I start listening to trance almost eight long years ago :)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Women redefined.....

An animal usually living in the vicinity of Man, and having a rudimentary susceptibility to domestication. It is credited by many of the elder zoologists with a certain vestigial docility acquired in a former state of seclusion, but naturalists of the postsusananthony period, having no knowledge of the seclusion, deny the virtue and declare that such as creation's dawn beheld, it roareth now. The species is the most widely distributed of all beasts of prey, infesting all habitable parts of the globe, from Greeland's spicy mountains to India's moral strand. The popular name (wolfman) is incorrect, for the creature is of the cat kind. The woman is lithe and graceful in its movement, especially the American variety (felis pugnans), is omnivorous and can be taught not to talk.
—Balthasar Pober

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Its been a while since I last posted. Well, not too big of a gap, but a gap all the same. Time for the ceremonial dumping of mental garbage on this biggest of garbage heaps... my blog.

Well, I'v been trying to figure out a problem that's been plaguing me for a while. I mean, its been on and off for the last 6-8 months. And try as I might, it does not seem to go away. And for one reason or another, I can't walk away from it either.

This attempt at a futile co-existence, where ignorance is applied to make reality more manageable is definitely kind of sad. I mean, how the hell does one person ignore the presence of another completely. Especially if they know them. And since I have no idea of what is going on, I am reacting instead of acting. Matching the other like a game of chess, move for move. It was amusing for a while, then it became annoying and now its borderline pissing off. I mean dude, 6 months is a decent amount of patience. I believe in the forgive and forget policy, but unfortunately it only works if both parties use it. And that, my dear friends, is something that does not happen too often.

So what to do? I guess perhaps confrontation is the only option? Yes. No. Answers anyone?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Its been a while ... things have been hectic... not much has happened....
well I suppose things have been moving along, but except for ramzan, and Ramzan Mubarak btw, everythings kinda cool... well, mostly anyways...

Just gotta get rid of some excess baggage which is starting to get annoying... kind of like that buzzing fly that you can't seem to swat... or that high pitched whining noise that one notices when the electricity goes and there is absolute silence.

Life is otherwise pretty good... just in case you were wondering :)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It appears that of late, the random music collection I keep building has developed a trend toward the old but not too old classics, toward slow jazz, toward chillout and celtic genres.. Increasingly I find myself searching for music that is calm and soothing instead of perhaps upbeat, euphoric or rhythmic....

One masterpiece is by Fiona Joyce - Is this the future, and another awesome track is The Hunt is Sweetest by Laura Powers.. Try giving them a listen.. Im sure you'll like them ;)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Fake microsoft interview on the 'MiPod'

Found a random link through google which is now part of the english language. Yeah, you heard it right. Its a VERB.. like xerox and hoover before it.
More to the point, some random dude made up fake microsoft replies to possible questions that would arise if Microsoft were to release a wireless mp3 player to compete with Apple's Ipod. I thought it was quite amusing.

We cannot stand that Apple owns this market. We thought we could get a piece with the Windows Media Player-based players, but even with all those WMP-based players, we still have maybe 25 percent of the market. For us, it's 90 percent or nothing.

How should companies like Samsung, Phillips, Creative, Toshiba and others perceive this move?
Perceive? Let's be clear: they don't have to perceive anything. What we do will help them…we promise. If our player somehow becomes more popular than all their players put together, well, that's not our fault—well, it's our aim, but not our fault.—Continue reading…

You already have MSN Music and Urge (with MTV), and there are many places to get WMP music. Do we really need another service?
You bet you do. You need our service. This one will be so tightly integrated with our new player you won't be able to slide a pin between them. The other services are nice—er—we mean great! And we wish them all the best. Our player and services will simply share a marriage unlike any other found between competing player and service.

The MiPod's wireless capabilities could put it in direct competition with the small-but-growing phone/player wireless music download service market. Are you ready to compete with companies like Verizon and Virgin mobile?
Our smart phones download music, too, so we're already there. We're not afraid of Verizon, Virgin or any other mobile service provider. We just want our player users to have all the same opportunities as other mobile users and we want to be special, really special, in the market and make everyone forget that there's any other way to get your music (and videos) over the air. We rule!!! (Sorry, we've been doing corporate training on enthusiasm—guess we got carried away.)

What does this mean for the Portable Media Player market?
Put a fork in them. They're done.

Does Allard's involvement mean that the MiPod will look like the iPod-influenced Xbox 360 and, if so, could it just end up looking like another iPod?
Our 360 looks like an iPod? Funny, we never noticed that. Um, well, our player will look different, unique, elegant. Special. It may be white. We're not sure